Saturday, 17 August 2019

5 Best Luxurious Restaurants to Enjoy Dinner during Chinese New Year in Bali

With a family dinner to welcome the Chinese New Year is a tradition that’s celebrated by Chinese everywhere, such as Chinese-Indonesians. This once-a-year moment should be celebrated with specific menus. If you’re searching for a fancy restaurant to celebrate Imlek with the family in Bali, here are our preferred restaurants for you:

1 | Ru Yi Chinese Fine DiningRu Yi, interpreted as ”continuous happiness’, is a Chinese excellent dining restaurant that offers an eclectic and warm ambiance. The restaurant, which can be designed just like a miniature Chinatown, offers premium Chinese delicacies like the rare and expensive Bird’s Nest Soup, Sea Cucumber, and the famous Abalone Dish.

2 | Metis Lounge

Metis Bali is a combination of a fine dining restaurant, a bar, and a boutique finished with a bar and a lounge. Crafted by chef-owner Nicolas ”Doudou’ Tourneville, the cuisines supplied in the restaurant is a combination of French and Mediterranean flavors. The restaurant also offers private wine basement private dining area if you prefer a more secluded atmosphere.

3 | Ah Yat Abalone at Rimba Jimbaran

Ah Yat restaurant has 25 branches in Asia, and its own Bali restaurant at RIMBA Jimbaran is promised to be the most prominent Chinese restaurant in Indonesia. The institution is located just minutes from Jimbaran’s famous beachfront. The restaurant, which was set by Cantonese chef Yeung Koon Yat, serves a broad selection of traditional cuisines like Bird’s Nest Soup, Sea Cucumber, and Abalone. These meals are famous due to their health benefits. The restaurant also has 47 selections of Dim Sum.

4 | Ji Restaurant at Tugu Hotel

Ji Restaurant combines the ambiance of old Chinese and old Balinese culture. It had been a household temple in Java, before it was moved to Bali and then tucked right into a restaurant, without the necessity to forfeit the 300 years. The cuisine is inspired by old cooking tradition by Japan along with other East Asian nations with fusion sushi as its trademark dish.

5 | Table8 at Mulia Hotel

Table8 is regarded as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Bali. The restaurant is well known for its desserts that use traditional Chinese sweeteners; out of Cantonese Dim Sum to Szechuan food selections. Its interior took inspiration from an Oriental royal palace with a string of ceramic pagodas, imperial-themed furniture, and artworks showcasing the attractiveness of China’s Dynasty era. Dress appropriately before coming because sleeveless shirt for males, swimsuit, bathrobe, and space slippers aren’t allowed

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