Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Do You Want to Save On Paperboard Packaging? A Few Tips

If you are interested to save on your paper board packaging, following are few factors to consider that you must think of, so that you can make a very big impact on the cost of packaging.

Choose proper material for the carton

Any start up company will prefer to have as much cost saving that is possible and therefore the first thing is to look for a material that can serve your purpose. You can find paperboards in many different grades from Netpak.

Therefore, you need to select the packaging material that is sturdy enough to meet your packaging requirements and also it will be well within your budget too.

Nowadays there are many recycled materials available which are not only cost effective but also a green choice.

In case you are dealing with any pharma product then it is preferable to go for any virgin material, so that it can reflect your brand in a better way. Cost is important however for certain things you cannot compromise just on the prize.

Limit your colors

Try to limit number of colors, as each color will need a separate printing plate. Therefore, by limiting number of colors, you can control the cost.

If a graphic designer tries to design something by using 6 different colors then try to limit it within 3 or 4 colors.

Plan for few combinations

If your number of products are very high and also with many different colors then the cost may tend to go higher. In such case, think of certain designs where printing can be more affordable.

Try to design in such a way those same printing plates set can be used for creating different combination of colors.

Ensure that your artwork is fully ready

Usually for designing the package, time is very important factor. Usually it is the designing of artwork that consumes maximum amount of time. If your artwork is ready then lots of precious time can be saved.

Talk first to your printer

You may be quite excited about your packaging and also about its look, however you need also to talk to your printer to explore about his capability to print. Therefore, before you spend time in designing the graphics try to explore his limitations.

Having known the range of the printer capability you may go for designing of the graphics which will not take much time for printer to print.