Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Enhance Security in Your Organization through Security Training

Most organizations look at the issue of security from a technical point of view. Most fail to understand that security is a people related issue and should also be addressed as such. Luckily, a good number have started to take this factor into consideration and including people in the security enhancement equation. Organizations have begun looking into security training programs.This program is fundamentally an extensive program that is a way to ensure all the members of an organization have the right amount of knowledge on the matters of security in the organization and their responsibilities in enacting the security protocols.

The main goal of the program is to increase the understanding of security. For this reason, the program helps the organization employees understand the best security practices and how to put them into implementation.Before even embarking on the training program there are some important components that must be put into consideration first.

As much as most people would like to avoid the topic for various reasons, the topic of security should be a regular one for discussion in an organization of any kind. This means that the leaders of an organization should take the time to inform their employees and subordinates on matters of security and its importance in the day to day running of the establishment. Communication is the key component of a security awareness training program.

For the program to run successfully, you need one or several checklists distributed systematically throughout the entire organization to ensure the program is organized and running smoothly. Some of the items on the checklist may include what to do in case of various incidences related to security. The employees will need a clear cache with relevant and important content on security that they can use as a reference during the training and also when talking to their seniors about security affairs. This can be in the form of a security handbook.

When Should an Organization Conduct the Program?

Of course, the program mustbe frequent but just how frequent? There are three times when it is mandatory for the organization to conduct security training. This is when new members join the organization, right after an incident related to security and at regular intervals throughout the year for instance after every 4 months or 6 months. Each of these times requires a specially planned training program plan since you cannot keep telling and showing them the same things.

The initial training when joining the company will help the employees know what happens and all the information that is security-related. Post-incident training, on the other hand, will help in analyzing the issue, how the employees and entire organization reacted, what could have been one better and what was done right. Ongoing plays the role of ensuring that security becomes part of the culture of the company. It also helps keep security at the top of the organization’s mind and emphasize its importance.