Tuesday, 17 September 2019

How to Clear Your Shipment through the US Customs?

When it comes to importing the merchandize to the US, you will need to clear certain steps to make sure that the consignment is safely cleared through the customs. This includes a lot of paperwork, goods classification, filing, and documentation. All the products entering in the country’s border would need to be eligible for certain import quotas or regulations before they can be possessed. Albeit the whole process can be a little confusing and time consuming, when you work with Clearit customs clearance and customs brokers, they can help you in carrying out this process smoothly. Here are some guidelines to pay heed to.

  1. Entering merchandize

The CBP or Customs and Border Protection tend to monitor all the goods being imported to the US. All business owners need to follow these steps:

  1. Submission of the documents to let CBP to determine if the goods should be cleared or not
  2. Submission of documents to let the assessment of duties and charges take place.

You can enter your goods either formally or informally. Both tend to vary in specific criteria, the amount of paperwork needed and the kind of documents that need to be submitted. No matter if your shipment is entered formally or informally, it depends on its type and the invoice amount.

  1. Informal entries

An informal entry entails a consignment with an invoice value not valuing more than $2000 USD. But, this doesn’t apply for the textile products which are grouped as a formal entry. When it comes to a formal entry, your transportation representative will keep you apprised that the goods have arrived at the port. Then subsequently, either you or your customs broker can reach the destination and pay the required duties and get the merchandize cleared.

  1. Formal entries

This is a tad bit complicated process, however the customs broker can assist you in this process much easily. He will keep the needed documentation ready and at hand before the shipment has arrived. On the basis of the country of origin, kinds of products, invoice amount and the quantity of goods, a surety bond comes attached with the documents to cover any kind of duties or fees that are chargeable. Customs broker generally has a huge surety bond for their clients’ convenience.

We at Clearit, offer comprehensive customs brokerage services to our clients. Our experts can assist you in getting your shipment cleared via the US customs with no kind of costs, penalties, and consignment sequestrations incurred. For more details and to explore our services, contact us today or visit our website.