Saturday, 17 August 2019

Remarkable Charity Works of Peter Loftin

Early days

Peter Loftin came from a simple family and his parents, just like ordinary people faced various hardships to raise him. He had this realization that he had to do something big to get them out of the misery and hardships. With no formal education in business, Peter started out on his own quite early.

Despite being successful, he never forgot his past and was always looking out for ways to help those in need. He wanted to help the poor and give them the basic essentials that could fulfill their needs. This is the reason; he was associated with so many charities.

First Step towards Charity

Peter Loftin was only twenty when he first saw success. His telecom company BTI (Business Telecom Inc.) came to be one of the leading organizations. It was after this success, that Peter started doing charity works. “Coats for Kids Foundation” was the first charity establishment by him.

This foundation helped poor children get coats in winters. The volunteers of the organization looked for needy and poor children that lived in miserable conditions and provided them some warmth during winters.

Peter associated himself with several other charitable organizations and partnered with business houses, student organizations and service providers to help the needy.

Establishment of the Oak Ranch

Peter Loftin was always moved by the sight of poor and needy children. In this respect, he established the Oak Ranch that was mostly for the welfare of children. Spread over an area of more than 755 acre, this institution caters to the children between the ages seven to seventeen years.

The institute mainly looks after the requirements of children that come from disturbed families. These children suffer from mental ailments or disturbed pasts. Many of these children have faced mental and physical problems that led them to having psychological issues.

Different therapies are used at the institute to make the children live a normal life and get over their past and psychological issues.

Special Operations Fund (SOF)

Another achievement of Peter Loftin in the list of charities includes support to the Special Operations Fund or the SOF. This organization is run by several businessmen and its main purpose is to raise funds.

The funds raised by the organization are used for the welfare of children of the Tier 1 Classified soldiers. The organization mainly helps families of soldiers that were killed in war and now have no one to take care of them. Children of the soldiers killed in war are helped by way of school fee funding. The organization also takes care to pay for the graduation or further studies of such children.

Other Charity Works

These are not the only charity works that Peter Loftin is associated with. There are countless societies and organizations to which he is associated and all of these help the poor and the needy.

Peter Loftin has been highly recognized for his charitable works and has been bestowed with many citizen awards like the North Carolina Entrepreneur of the year, Miami Heat Family Foundation, National Historic Trust and others.