Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Should students take up an internships?

Students need to grab a job after college. Most organizations prefer people who already have experience in that field. Therefore students find themselves in a catch 22 situation. They are unable to get experience because they have no job. At the same time, they cannot get a job without work experience. In order to break that vicious chain, they go in for internships.

Internships could be unpaid or paid ones. In today’s market, however, since it is very competitive, students may or may not get a chance to get a paid internship according to the Australian PGP. Therefore, they should not allow an unpaid internship to slip away.

Here are some advantages to taking up an internship.


  1. In order for the unpaid internship to be more attractive to students, some industries entice the students by giving them college credit. There are however certain criteria as well as conditions which the student must meet in order to earn those credits. Unpaid Interns usually get other incentives such as travel expenses, free food in order to compensate them for not being paid.
  2. Whether the internship is a paid one or an unpaid one, the student gets a chance to explore the working conditions. However good they are in the classroom or however knowledgeable they are, unless the student has a working knowledge it is very difficult for them to land a job.
  3. Internships allow the student to connect a practical application and theoretical knowledge from a job perspective.
  4. As the students are more familiar with the working conditions in the company and have experience working with the company, there is more of a likelihood of them being taken on by the company as a full-time employee.
  5. Internships allow students to connect with people who are in that industry. When the student impresses the experts with their working style as well as knowledge, these game changers may even help them get a job in the company or to advance their career.
  6. Compatibility of the job with what they are being taught in the university can be explored by these internship programs. The student can make a decision with regard to their future growth as sometimes the knowledge which they are being taught could be very different from how that is actually put to use in the real world.
  7. When students take up an internship, they learn and practice in their field or the industry. They also get to learn about other departments, and they get to know how organizations function as a whole. It helps them to broaden their perspective as well as look at the bigger picture.
  8. An internship is a program where the company does not get , so the intern is not put under pressure to ensure that the daily task has been completed. Therefore, the student can take the time to understand as well as learn the skills which are required for them in order to start working once they are ready to graduate.

These are the reasons why students should opt for an internship program.